Home Office

With more and more companies making provision for flexible working, it is becoming increasingly important for people to have a workspace at home. This space should not only be functional and encourage productivity, but should also be attractive and fit seamlessly into the home, while being comfortable and safe to work in for extended periods.

Whether you work in a dedicated office space, or an area in a bedroom or living room – or even under the stairs – we can help you utilise the space to its maximum potential and create an organised and functional work space.

Our design team will work with you to help plan the right types of cabinets & storage drawers so that you can work as efficiently and comfortably as you would in the main office. We have a variety of decorative finishes and colours to really give your room impact and style, not to mention specialist lighting and docking & charging stations.

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A Range of different charging point are available

Different lighting conditions are able to be configured for all purposes

Hide-away plug sockets can be placed where ever convenient  

Computer expansion ports can also be installed where needed and hidden when not in use